These are the events which we curated outside or within the poetry scene.

BlackoutEid Party

In summer of 2018, we curated a safe for Black Muslims during Eid as we felt this was this something even in a city as diverse as London was lacking. The night consisted of a panel discussion with Ayo Olatunji and Sarayia Bah. With performances by yxngjamz and Bluesforthehornmusic.


Poemsforboys was curated by Troy Cabida in-order to explore the different layers and shades of masculinity, coming to the conclusion that being a a man doesn’t have a one off, set in stone definition but is a spectrum of identities that all deserve a time on stage hence that what he did. Cabida was joined by Tanaka, Kostya Tsolakis and Joshua Judson.

National Poetry Libary

We hosted for a special night at the National Poetry Libary featuring Rakaya Fetuga and Gabriel Akamo as our headliners of the night. Live recording of the event can be found here.


A new series which we founded in 2018 in central London, where we gave anyone the opportunity to come in for a chat. We encouraged no recording or filming during the event and it was free.

Makrooh & PoetryandShaah

At the Ravens Row Contemporary Art Exhibition Centre, we celebrated our jointed birthday with Makrooh and also put together an intimate poetry night in October 2019. It was a birthday celebration where two community came together to create an amazing poetry night.

War Dove

Our producer, Troy Cabida released his debut poetry pamphlet war dove with Bad Betty Press in May 2020.
‘This debut is a battle cry for our past and future selves, a serenade finding pleasure in the things that fight back.’ R. A. Villanueva

Troy Cabida’s War Dove is a story of profound growth, of growing into oneself, of knowing tenderness, not as a skin to be sloughed on the way to maturity but a central muscle beating vital strength into the body. You can can grab a copy from here.