We at Poetry and Shaah would like to extend our support towards all the movements supporting the betterment of Black lives and we’re encouraging you to donate to following causes/funds and sign petitions. Share the links to as many people as possible. #BlackLivesMatter.

Minnesota Freedom Funds are a group which pay jail bounds for those who cannot afford to do so. You can find the link to donate here
Black Live Matter is an organisation which has dedicated itself to bringing justice and ensuring freedom for Black people everywhere. You can donate here.
Reclaim the Block is a grassroot group working on the ground to combat the power of the Minneapolis Police Union. You can donate here
Black visions collective is a Black trans & queer led organisation which works with BLM global network & the official chapter in Minnesota. You can donate here
Belly Mujinga was assaulted and spat on by an individual who had COVID-19 whilst on shift at London Victoria. Sign the petition to demand justice for Belly Mujinga.